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LowerMyCharges.com is launching a business which will provide you with financial advice at a low, affordable cost so you can secure a better financial future.

Our founders, Ian Brewer and Peter Deane, are experienced financial services professionals. After years in the industry, they have recognised that financial advice isn’t always easy to access, isn’t easy to understand and the costs can be confusing, unclear and hard to compare. This gives financial advisors and their companies an unfair advantage – we see this not as helpful and ‘advisory’; instead, it’s opaque and people find it hard to understand what’s best for them.

LowerMyCharges.com aims to help you understand what happens to your money when you receive financial advice, or when fees are deducted from the financial products recommended. Knowing the impact of your decisions now can have a significant impact on the performance of your products in the future, as well as on your financial and personal wellbeing.

We’re launching our platform soon and we’d love you to be a part of our journey to provide low-cost, quality financial advice.

Confused by financial advice?

For many people financial advice can be a confusing subject. They do not know where to turn to or who to trust when they need help. Under the current system, it can be difficult to understand what the advice they receive will cost them and even more difficult to compare the costs and services of different providers or firms.

Financial advice is now very costly, especially if the fees are taken from the product being recommended. Because of this, the impact that it has on your financial health – whether that’s through a pension, savings or investment product – can be dramatic.

So what are LowerMyCharges going to do?

We will be using this website to help you understand what happens to your money when you receive financial advice, or when charges are deducted from the product. We will also help you understand the impact advice and charges can have on the performance of the products that you are investing and the potential consequences for your financial future and wellbeing.

We are building a new solution to these problems that will be low cost, transparent and fair for all of our customers.

We’re launching our platform soon – be part of our journey to provide low-cost, quality financial advice.
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What are we trying to do? - LowerMyCharges.com

Our Purpose

We want to drive a revolution in the way financial advice services are found, accessed and charged – helping you save money and have better financial security.

Our Purpose - LowerMyCharges.com

What Are We Doing?

We want to raise awareness of how Financial Advisors charge for their advice and how much they charge. It’s not always easy for consumers to find this out. We believe it should be and are developing our solution to address this. We would like to keep you informed about our progress.

Financial Advice Explained - LowerMyCharges.com

Financial Advice Explained

Financial advice can be confusing, hard to understand and costly! Find out more about financial advice, how it works and how you can benefit from it without putting your finances at risk!

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