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LowerMyCharges.com provides high quality financial advice at a low, affordable cost so you can secure a better financial future.

We’re Aiming to Save Millions of People Thousands of Pounds.

Our low charges mean that more of our clients’ money can grow in the products they hold. The compound effect of less money being deducted by charges and, at the same time, more money growing in a pension, savings or investment plan can amount to thousands of pounds over the lifetime the product.  

By Lowering Your Charges You Can Increase Your Wealth.

Find out how much you could save by lowering your charges HERE.


If you already have a Financial Adviser you can lower your charges for financial advice by switching to LowerMyCharges.com.  You don’t have to switch or change any pensions, savings or investment products you may have – you just switch the servicing rights and start benefiting from our lower charges straight away.  It’s easy to switch and we help you through the process.


We provide high quality, low cost financial advice delivered over the internet in real time and accessed through your desktop, tablet or mobile. Our Advisers use our propriety technology to deliver a highly engaging advice session that’s quicker, cheaper and more convenient than that provided by typical financial advisers.


We can assist with your Employees’ Financial Wellbeing and are able to offer our low-cost financial advice for Employees as part of an Employee Benefit Programme.  Government legislation allows this to be offered as a Salary Exchange which means there can be tax advantages for Employees and Employers alike.

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