Dreams and goals - how often are you reminded of them? - Lower My Charges

Dreams and goals – how often are you reminded of them?

Dreams and goals – how often are you reminded of them?

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Dreams and Goals

Hanging above my head in my office is something that looks rather like a large fishing net. It is a band of circular metal, with mesh of two sizes attached to it. Feathers hang down around the edges.

I had heard of these but never seen one until I got mine. The shop explained that the American Indians used them to catch their dreams.

We all know the dangers for dreamers. They are likely to walk with their heads in the clouds, dreaming one day I will win the lottery but sometimes their dreams may not be unlikely but downright impossible.

And all those reasons the dreamer needs to have at least one person they can share the dream with, who will encourage them, sometimes bring them a little nearer to earth, and occasionally tell them they are in pink flamingo mode.

Financial Goals 

As a Financial Adviser, I have helped many clients and showed them a way to achieve their dream or financial goals though good solid financial planning.  But how many times when the financial plan is set up are you reminded of the dream or goal you wanted to achieve in the first place?

A true story…

Many years ago a client came in to see me and he wanted to save money to buy a Ferrari.

The model he wanted was the Ferrari 308 GTB

I sat down and worked out the cost of the model he wanted and then worked out what he would need to save using tools to analyse potential growth rates over a set term.

We agreed the amount he would need to save, then set up the savings plan. Shortly afterwards the documents arrived and they were sent duly in the post to the client.

Two years later the client rang me and started to say I really want to thank you for setting this plan up for me. The client went on to explain he had hit hard times and was looking for ways to cut down his outgoings.

The savings plan seemed to be an easy target but the client continued to explain that when he pulled out the documentation to see what was involved in cancelling the plan as he opened the document out fell a key ring with a Ferrari Emblem on it.

The client then thanked me as it had reminded him why he was doing the plan and realised that if he had gone ahead to cancel he would never have realise his dream.

A few years later he got his dream and he came around the office and we both went for a spin.

Does your financial adviser remind you why you’re saving for your dream or financial goals?

If you enjoyed reading this then hold this thought for a moment

What if you could buy a Ferrari (or anything else you dream of) with the savings you could make by lowering your charges for financial advice?

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