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Financial News Roundup

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Check out our top picks from the financial news for this week and our thoughts!

Five pension priorities for the new government


The pensions industry is urging the new government to focus on some key issues necessary to protect pension scheme members and ensure their saving pots are substantial for retirement.

Read the full article to find out some of the industry’s top pension priorities for the new government.

Guidance body starts recruitment for pension dashboard group


The Money and Pensions Service has started recruitment for a steering group designed to provide strategic direction for the pensions dashboard.

The steering group will have 12 members, represent the interests of consumers and feed into the broader work of the industry delivery group. Read the full article here.

Why does the government have no interest in financial advice?


Ollie Smith argues that beyond the platitudes offered by well-meaning junior ministers, there is a murkier truth to the government’s relationship with financial advice.

Read the full article here.


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