A new financial advice service in Caerphilly aims to create 120 skilled jobs

New financial advice service aiming to create 120 new jobs

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New financial advice service aiming to create 120 new jobs

We’re getting noticed in the local press! Please read the article below from Caerphilly Observer, by Rhys Williams.

A new financial advice service has launched in Caerphilly and is aiming to create 120 skilled jobs within four years.

LowerMyCharges.com currently has six employees and has been set up to “help people understand what’s going on with their money.”

The website allows users to see their pensions, investments and net worth all in one place.

The company is also set to launch Google and Android apps in the near future.

Founder and Chief Executive, Ian Brewer, said: “The reason we’re doing this is because charges on investments and pensions haven’t been clearly disclosed.

“It’s the first time someone can see if its value for money. If you feel you’re paying too much, we can lower your charges.”

Mr Brewer added: “It’s a great way of seeing all your money in one place and what’s happening in real time.

“Millions of people can’t afford financial advice. Our advice is cheap enough and everyone benefits from financial advice.

“We’re making it cheaper and easier for people.”

The company joined the Welsh Innovation Centre for Enterprise (Welsh ICE) in August 2018.

Mr Brewer said: “We chose to set up in Caerphilly because of Welsh ICE.

“They helped us get the the skills and investment to set up. They’ve been really helpful.

“We are also working with the Welsh Government. The kind of jobs we are creating here are high value.”

The company also has plans to create an academy to bring through the ‘next generation of financial advisers’.

Chief Operating Officer Peter Deane, who was formerly a Marketing Director with Churchill Insurance, said: “Welsh ICE brought us to Caerphilly. The campus is great for us and we’ve been linking with other businesses here and networking.

“Our ambition is to one day have millions of customers.”

Mr Brewer said: “We’re fully GDPR compliant. We follow all the guidelines as any financial adviser should. There’s a massive level of encryption on peoples’ accounts.”

The service costs £300 a year or £27.50 a month. The cost includes unlimited access to the online portal, a yearly full financial review and financial advice when needed.

Campus Director of Welsh ICE, Jamie McGowan, said: “When Ian first joined through the ICE 50 and the Accelerator it was clear that he had a promising idea with a high potential to raise investment and grow.

“Ian and the Lower My Charges team really bought into the ICE community and have already collaborated with other members.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of working at ICE is seeing businesses grow, and Lower My Charges have gone from needing a small space to two fully serviced offices – a journey that more and more businesses we support are making.”

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