News Round up - 29th Mar 2019 - Lower My Charges

News Round up – 29th Mar 2019

News Round up – 29th Mar 2019

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Check out our pick of the financial news from across the web this week and find out what we think!

The Guardian: Household bills: loyalty doesn’t pay… and it’s the elderly who pay the price

The Guardian looked at how energy, broadband and other suppliers often offer better deals for new customers, and how this can affect some older people. Though switching providers can be the way to get the best deal, this can be a daunting task for those who are less comfortable using the web.

Read the full article here.

LowerMyCharges’ take: You should always shop around for a better deal as many providers will put their prices up at renewal. But it’s important to check out any new provider before switching.

The Independent: Three-quarters of financial new year’s resolutions have already failed

The Independent reported on a recent survey which found that almost 75% of financial New Year’s resolutions have now been broken. Back in January, we talked about some of the small steps you can take to improve your financial habits. ( Research suggests that it takes three attempts to complete a whole year sticking to a New Year’s resolution!

Read the full article here.

LowerMyCharges’ take: New Year’s resolutions are almost always difficult to keep. This article explains how you can be more successful with yours.

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