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Why Employee Benefits Packages work for Employers

1024 730 Ian Brewer

Employee benefits are ‘perks’ that are received in addition to an employee’s pay. The advantages that benefits packages provide to employees is usually obvious, but providing benefits can also be…

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FCA eyes ban on contingent charging for pensions

1024 683 Ian Brewer

There has been a debate raging on of late about banning contingent charging. This is the practice of financial advice firms not charging you for advice given if the advice…

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The FCA’s findings on ongoing Advice

1024 812 Ian Brewer

There is a saying that less is more, but when this saying is applied to the Financial Services Industry how does that pan out for the customer? Well according to…

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FCA forces asset managers to disclose transaction costs on Workplace Pensions

1024 683 Ian Brewer

Have you ever given it any thought that the pension scheme provided by your employer is value for money? Have you ever asked what the charges might be and are…

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FCA looking to tackle Advisers over giving value for Money

1024 648 Ian Brewer

It has often been said that when it comes to giving financial advice how can it be measured when it comes to giving value for money With new disclosure documents…

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Fools Gold How Mifid II has revealed the true cost of funds

1024 690 Ian Brewer

MIFID II came into force in January 2018 and it comes as no surprise that customers are now finding out they are paying a lot more than they previously thought.…

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Timeless Wisdom

800 450 Jason Butler

Timeless wisdom How an ancient philosophy can make you better with money The Stoics were around during the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. One of their key teachings…

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Hidden fee

How a 1% hidden fee wipes £100,000 from a £100,000 investment

900 515 Ian Brewer

It sounds unbelievable doesn’t it that you could be worse off by £100,000 due to charges when investing £100,000 over 30yrs which achieve identical returns but their charges were significantly different…

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The Carillion Catastrophe

640 446 Jason Butler

The Carillion Catastrophe The simple money lessons to take from a business failure The recent collapse of global outsourcing company Carillion has caused a lot of anxiety and stress not…

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