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Advice and Guidance – how much is it worth?

1024 683 Ian Brewer

There has been numerous debates of late on what is good value when it comes to costs in receiving financial advice or guidance. The industry perception of value for money…

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Advisers warned of fresh FCA action on charging

892 340 Ian Brewer

The spotlight is firmly on how financial advisers are charging for on going payments especially when it’s linked to a platform – some advisers are charging up to 1% pa…

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£40,000: the value of advice

1024 678 Ian Brewer

We believe at Lower My that the value advice can make a world of difference to your overall wealth and happiness. What is a true value of advice? We…

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Fair? Under 55s face 78% exit fees to move pension

740 340 Ian Brewer

I have to say I had a similar experience and this is why I set up The Financial Services Industry is very conflicted and whilst this continues to happen…

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Tip of the iceberg: FCA sets its sights on adviser charges

960 657 Ian Brewer

Lower My is keen to educate what is going on in the Financial Services Industry when it comes to being open and transparent on fees and charges. It would…

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Advisers told to disclose conflicts of interest in percentage fees

340 340 Ian Brewer

At Lower My we believe there is a huge conflict of interest when it comes to percentage charges being taken out of Pension products especially when the compound effect…

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Saving for a rainy day? FCA says not so fast to robo-advice

960 540 Ian Brewer

At Lower My we are not big fans of Robo Advice – Firstly the term used “Robo Advice” is misleading as they don’t give advice and secondly many charge…

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FCA to probe adviser value for money

1024 648 Ian Brewer

There been a lot of scrutiny on what investment platforms and financial advisers charge of late but what does value for money look like when it comes to the annual…

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The Advice Price Tag – How do advisers prove their worth?

960 673 Ian Brewer

There been a lot of scrutiny on what financial advisers charge of late but what does value for money look like when it comes to getting financial advice? We found…

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