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Social Media Roundup

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Check out our pick of the financial news from across the web this week and find out what we think!

BBC Business: Payday loan complaints reach a five-year high

As payday loan complaints reach a 5 year high (driven by aggressive claims management companies) our advice is to avoid these lenders if at all possible.  There are now many more attractive short and medium term lending facilities to turn to if in need.

Read the full article here.

The Observer: The lost £19bn: how to trace those forgotten pension pots

As workers are likely to have multiple jobs and careers throughout their working life it’s important to keep track of any pensions left behind.  Collectively, they are likely to be the biggest single asset you may own.  

Read the full article here.

International Adviser: Talk about money to tackle mental health

Every week we come across an article discussing the need to talk more openly about money to help with mental health.  There is a very strong link between financial well being and mental wealth being.  But still many people are unable to address this because money remains a taboo subject.

Read the full article here.   

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