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1024 812 Ian Brewer

The FCA’s findings on ongoing Advice

There is a saying that less is more, but when this saying is applied to the Financial Services Industry how does that pan out for the customer? Well according to…

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Hidden fee
900 515 Ian Brewer

How a 1% hidden fee wipes £100,000 from a £100,000 investment

It sounds unbelievable doesn’t it that you could be worse off by £100,000 due to charges when investing £100,000 over 30yrs which achieve identical returns but their charges were significantly different…

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800 600 Ian Brewer

Hidden Charges are Mythical – like the Loch Ness Monster

Last week there was a very interesting broadcast on Radio 4 hosted by Lesley Curwen called the Transparency Detectives which I would like to share with you. For those who…

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tell the truth
350 279 Ian Brewer

Time to tell the Truth?

Time to tell the Truth? It has been 6 months since we launched Lower My Charges.com  and the speed of how things have developed has been amazing. Many respected journalists…

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960 678 Ian Brewer

FCA refers investment consultants to competition watchdog – Time to tell the truth

At Lowermycharges.com we continue to find articles about how conflicted the financial services industry has become in not being open and transparent in its dealings. The regulator the FCA (Financial…

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Cost Monster
960 720 Ian Brewer

The Cost Monster

Are Cost Monsters eating into your finances ? Cost Monsters can eat away at your finances and seriously damage your future plans. Check the list below to see if you…

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960 640 Ian Brewer

Rip-off charges can erode pensions by up to a third

We launched Lower My Charges.com to show the consumer how much charges are really eating into their future wealth. There seems to be a lack of transparency when it comes…

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1024 683 Ian Brewer

Advice and Guidance – how much is it worth?

There has been numerous debates of late on what is good value when it comes to costs in receiving financial advice or guidance. The industry perception of value for money…

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960 657 Ian Brewer

Tip of the iceberg: FCA sets its sights on adviser charges

Lower My Charges.com is keen to educate what is going on in the Financial Services Industry when it comes to being open and transparent on fees and charges. It would…

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1000 750 Ian Brewer

Financial advisers charge 1% in 2016

The 1% club sounds good but not when it comes to charges. We found this article we wish to share with you that shows last year in 2016 Adviser charges…

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